Why Do It

  1. Do you find yourself out of time to complete all the business ownership tasks during the week?
    Answer: Merging into a larger group allows you to leverage the back office support that Equishared has developed. Wouldn’t it be nice to go home after your last patient?
  2. Do you ever wish you could just do dentistry and not deal with all the other variables of operating a dental office?
    Answer: Equishared is like a cooperative of dental offices where the resources to support them is already developed. Literally, the only things our dentists need to do is dentistry and CE.
  3. Are you concerned about your exit strategy and keeping the same pace?
    Answer: Getting maximimum value for your practice is difficult because it requires you to go full speed up until your exit date. Often times, dental careers would be much longer if they weren’t burden with non-dental functions and the pressure to keep the same schedule.
  4. Do you like investment opportunities?
    Answer: The Equishared model allows the dental owner to merge their practice into a larger group. Part of the transaction is cash paid out to the seller over time and the balance of equity is rolled into the larger group. This portion has the potential of being worth much more than the original value of their practice. Our model allows its owners to achieve the same benefit that Private Equity investors are achieving with their DSO’s but not passing along. To learn more about “arbitrage” use the contact form below.
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